UFC 143s Carlos Condit Wants To Spoil The GSP/Nick Diaz Party

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25 Responses to “UFC 143s Carlos Condit Wants To Spoil The GSP/Nick Diaz Party”

  1. dgd1ego Says:

    aperantly carlos was

  2. dgd1ego Says:

    carlos deserves to be beat down

  3. dgd1ego Says:

    and greg jackson

  4. masteroflife777 Says:

    How can he hear wit those swollen ears..

  5. Tommy Smith Says:


  6. Fraser Moore Says:

    Im trying to back away from my position

  7. Tommy Smith Says:

    Sure about that?

  8. ggaabbeeful Says:

    right click on video click stop download. LOL

  9. ali26101 Says:

    You’re* unintelligent.

  10. MrSkeletoncrew Says:

    and your queer. So whats your point?

  11. Fraser Moore Says:

    Condit will beat GSP

  12. ali26101 Says:

    You’re an idiot.

  13. Rashad Moore Says:

    I like condit a little more than I like Diaz but I watched the fight and I gave Diaz rds 1,3,5 and Condit rds 2,4 but the rounds could have went either way. I don’t see how they gave Condit rd 5 when Diaz took him down and landed more punches in that round. Condit landed the bigger punches while Diaz landed more punches.

  14. MrSkeletoncrew Says:

    Who would be afraid to fight Diaz? Lmao, he’s just a punk from Stockton. Nothing more. His fans are delusional.

  15. epathebay Says:

    Carlos “Cross Country” Condit

  16. djdbag Says:

    Fuck Condit! Fucking disgrace too the sport running for five rounds.(high pitch faggot voice)”Yeah he has 28 wins with 31ko/tko’s and 13subs and only has gone to decision twice” Well like they say you’re only as good as your last fight

  17. gunsnrosescolin2 Says:

    you suck dick condit.

  18. Zane Kaiser Says:

    Carlos Condit: 28-5 (13 by KO/TKO, 13 by submission, 2 by decision). Well rounded and has an iron chin. He can defeat GSP because he’s well-rounded and the fact that he can basically win in anyway.

  19. chirazi Says:

    carlos: nick is a fighter, im a fighter, we will come out fighting…. hmmm yea right

  20. theundeadbatman Says:

    No… Condit has not been seen since the hours leading up to UFC 143.

    Conduit showed up in Condit’s place for the “fight.”

    This is common knowledge.

  21. topteam209 Says:

    thats karyn Bryant shes the reason you get most of interviews and post fight and pre fight conf. on youtube show some respect you little fuck

  22. topteam209 Says:

    his name is condit…..its in the title for christs sake

  23. klose152 Says:

    Carlos Condit; I am not impress by your performance.

  24. icemarius Says:

    u can’t run from gsp, homie

  25. theundeadbatman Says:

    That’s because Decision Dong is an idiot – “My name Stun Gun. I want GSP.” He GAVE his face to Conduit’s knee. When Conduit realized he would be forced to fight Nick Diaz he changed. He was terrified and he fought like he was terrified. Ain’t nobody want to see Conduit fight anymore. It’s not like it matters because he refuses to defend that fake strap.

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