UFC 145 Video: Rory MacDonald Would Love a Rematch with Carlos Condit

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24 Responses to “UFC 145 Video: Rory MacDonald Would Love a Rematch with Carlos Condit”

  1. tucksities24 Says:

    im not acting like rory won..he definitely got a beating from condit. Im not gonna deny that. but he put up a good fight with him at the age of 20 outstriking him and taking him down. And now rory is getting even better..

  2. J Pep Says:

    dont act like rory won, he lost.

  3. J Pep Says:

    It wasnt a shame, rory even said after the fight it was a good stop because he was getting his ass kicked. The stoppage was justified!

  4. J Pep Says:

    Condit dominated when it mattered most and finished the fight. Dominating the first 2 rounds doest mean shit when you get stopped at the end.

  5. nalyd2310 Says:

    Macdonald has gotten better but so has Condit.

  6. Anders2989 Says:

    In a possible rematch vs Condit, I think Rory would win, he looks like a beast in there, Bj will take a beating for sure, Rory is a young kid but very mature.

  7. compassfusions Says:

    A 20 year old Rory dominated Condit the first 2 rounds. Condit fans know it. Rory, no doubt won those 2 rounds. He threw better strikes, was more aggressive and took him down multiple times. I want to see a rematch because Rory has made some big changes and he’ll fuck him up.

  8. Frank11049 Says:

    Condi terminated Rory

  9. RealityPranks Says:

    It would have been unnecessary punishment. A few more elbows to Rory’s broken orbital bone could have greatly impacted his career. His loss may have been a better for him anyways. He was able to re-examine his career and now look at his fights after his loss.. Very impressive if you ask me. I’m glad the ref called that fight because now I can keep watching MacDonald fuck people up!

  10. scapetillo713 Says:

    Rory is a beast

  11. ssjanime250 Says:

    dont 4get this guy almsot beta condit. a shame the ref stopped it. 7 more secs of taking gnp by condit and this kid cudda walked away with 29-28 win.

  12. tucksities24 Says:

    rory was beating condit until the last round.. don’t act like condit dominated rory

  13. Zachary Perez Says:

    can you tell me next weeks lotto numbers too?

  14. CanadianGamer420 Says:

    macdonald would just take him down and beat his orc face inside out.

  15. po3tik1 Says:

    Rory’s going to be champion some day. The kid is a natural and I don’t even think GSP could defend his title against Rory…

    But seeing as they’re training partners and all and Rory has too much respect for GSP they’ll never directly compete against each other.

  16. videogamespoofer Says:

    Rory says he can be middle weight champ but never fought a great wrestler. If he goes to middle weight there are people that will out muscle and outwork him so hard it isnt funny.

  17. GSPisnotscared Says:

    fuck you Idiot,have a little respect for pro fighter you stupid moron,Carlos is a great guy.Hes not a trash tallker like that bitch of Nick Diaz…He has won interim belt but he never said that he is the best and that Diaz guy,when he wins he’s the best and everyones afraid of him,when he lose he got robbed fuck that…Carlos is better than Diaz and he is number one after George

  18. Dylan McGrath Says:

    i think GSP said once Rory is a true title contender he will move up to 185 which will mean he’ll vacate the 170 lb title. Regardless Rory vs Condit 2 would be pretty badass

  19. Dylan McGrath Says:

    Rory’s only loss is to Carlos Condit, its not about the interim belt he just wants to avenge his loss. He even says he hopes Carlos loses that way the belt would be gone and he could get his rematch with Condit

  20. Zachary Perez Says:

    you shouldn’t compare fighters based off their previous fights, you should compare them based off the skills they bring to the table

  21. Zachary Perez Says:

    Nicks a natural 170, unlike Nate, and hes got alot more experience than nate. It would definitely be a more competitive fight. Plus Nick is as tough as they come, i wouldn’t see rory finishing him

  22. Relvolver64 Says:

    I’m just comparing this fight to his last one.

  23. Zachary Perez Says:

    I don’t know man Nicks a warrior. I’m not saying Rory isn’t either, but I think it would definitely be a competitive fight. Saying Nick would get destroyed is just silly. The dude works hard!

  24. Relvolver64 Says:

    After his shitty performance during the Condit fight(which I still think he won) Rory would destroy Nick just like he did Nate.

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