UFC 154 Amazing Double Frontkick KO: Carlos Condit vs Rory MacDonald

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12 Responses to “UFC 154 Amazing Double Frontkick KO: Carlos Condit vs Rory MacDonald”

  1. Jorge Montoya Says:

    Lol people believe anything now a day’s.

  2. Khalaf Karim Says:

    this is shit this is the end of round 2

  3. GoldenMoses Says:

    Lol at people thinking the fight was,stopped. It was the end of the round

  4. garret smith Says:

    condit won that fight lmao that was the end of round 2

  5. jm seven Says:

    This one was called way to early. McDonalds kick barely nicked his chin and
    it was mostly all shoulder. Condit was on his way up. Was not dazed or
    fazed in any way. But that’s Condit, he wont wine or cry. He’s a true
    sportsman. All this guy has to do is believe in his power and ability and
    move full force forward in the exchange and there’s not a welterweight out
    there that can beat him. 

  6. grannysnatcha Says:

    wow thebanaap you know what your talking about

  7. bah ouais morray Says:
  8. kaleb clemons Says:

    that’s kind of a dumb thing to post man. not only was this not a knock out,
    it wasn’t really a significant strike at all on either guys part. the was
    the end of a round. condit won this fight man. he can take a beating, u
    should watch the fight, or any of the others either of these guys have been

  9. MrWongOnDaBong Says:

    Ref didn’t stop the fight, condit wasnt done and condit wouldnt of taken
    any unnecessary damage

  10. Bo Wolfe Says:


  11. thebanaap Says:

    Good thing the ref stopped the fight. Conduit was done, would have taken
    alot of unnecessary damage.

  12. daniel de nava Says:

    That was the end of round 2 I believe-.-

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