UFC 154 Georges St Pierre vs Carlos Condit Weigh-In

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25 Responses to “UFC 154 Georges St Pierre vs Carlos Condit Weigh-In”

  1. i94Rules Says:

    Lol why are you so mad is it because i am making you feel stupid? Fact is
    you are a loser that will never amount to anything u are so jealous of Gsp
    u hate him because he has more talent in one finger than u have in ur
    entire family. You also like to talk about that grease well what about
    Silva? Gsp never put anything on his own body but the 2nd fight will Sonnen
    what did Silva do? Ohh that’s right he whipped himself with Vaseline and
    had to be whipped be4 the fight lol fail troll is fail.

  2. Barney Rubble Says:

    Many of you people are ignorant…including me sometimes, but I know this:
    GSP is a Champion and has been for a long time. GSP has taken all comers
    and beat them. This is MMA, not boxing, and GSP is the best in his division
    at MMA. You have a problem with it, get over it. Go watch boxing. GSP
    doesn’t have a great chin, maybe not. GSP has decent striking, look what he
    did to Josh K. Come on people, quit hating. Learn the sport, be a true fan,
    Condit did well, but he lost UNANIMOUSLY.

  3. blade76543221 Says:

    gsp is a titillation for canadian chicks….

  4. NPHizab0ss Says:

    were u breast fed till u were 9? theres something called google.. type in
    “anderson wants gsp then jones” hit enter, and click the first link

  5. Barney Rubble Says:

    You are ignorant. You obviously wanted Condit to win, and you’re expressing
    innacurate opinions about the fight. This is MMA, not boxing. GSP hit and
    kicked Carlos, and Carlos hit and kicked GSP. They were also on the ground,
    and GSP was obviously better. Where was Condit’s ground game? Where was his
    take down defense? Get over it and learn the game.

  6. Hatake Kakashi Says:

    See? I was right. All GSP did was hump Condit the whole 5 rounds and got
    the easy win. St pierre got knocked down at round 3 with that kick and then
    GSP resorted again to humping and MMA porn. Tsk tsk, a sad day for MMA. Im
    glad you enjoyed your MMA porn

  7. GodWontSaveU Says:

    Bj penn ran the fuck out the octagon. Cheating anderson did the same thing
    to cheal in there second fight and a ref came and wipe is ass down.

  8. NPHizab0ss Says:

    btw, blocked.

  9. 13knightkiller Says:

    he doesnt need to step up if you dont like his fights then dont watch him
    he fights smart by keeping a distance with jabs and then using his ground
    game to win and “haters going to be hatin” is overused lol who cares as
    long as you get the point and you say you are a gsp fan but then talk all
    this gay shit about him. You are a weird fan i guess?

  10. i94Rules Says:

    Please stop going full retard! Can u read? Did i say 170 was offered? NO it
    was suggested by ZAHABI in a interview were there was no contract
    negotiations going on do u know the difference? Plus Gsp going up in weight
    is the same as Silva going down they should agree to something fair and not
    what some nobody like u thinks lol. Also ur just a fail bitching about one
    thing than i own you now your not bitching about it anymore im going to
    stop feeding the troll gg loser!

  11. i94Rules Says:

    Gsp doesn’t need to fight Silva to prove anything he has already proven to
    himself as a martial artist, future hall of famer, and the greatest WW in
    history.Right now he is the Champ of the most sacked division why should he
    go up in weight and sabotage his career to gain unneeded weight and
    possibly losing to Silva than have trouble to get back down.Silva should
    just agree to Gsp’s terms since he is retiring soon.But Silva rejected a
    catchweight close to 170 cuz he admitted GSP is the best WW!

  12. Dadedidedudadei Says:

    is condit the same size of anderson silva?

  13. xRaIDeNx69 Says:

    “There are many possibilities, but fighting Jon Jones is one of them that I
    don’t think is possible,” Silva said today during a press conference in
    support of UFC 153. “There’s no way.” “There’s other guys in that weight
    class on our team like Rafael (Cavalcante), (Antonio Rogerio) Nogueira …
    (and) other guys that could potentially face Jones in the future. “I’m 37
    years old, and I feel like I need to be honest and continue what I’ve
    built, which is keep defending my belt at 185.”

  14. Hatake Kakashi Says:

    condit wasnt in a bloody mess. I can understand your an avid GSP fan boy nd
    i respect that but please get off his nutts, your gonna get HIV you know.
    Also, its just like what Ronda rouse said today, GSP is only famous due to
    his looks and huge help from his canadian fanbase. Other than that, he’s a
    safety first typeof fighter who doesnt fight to win convincinglybut just
    win by points. Not to mention he cheated against BJ PENN in their rematch
    using grease/vaseline take your pick haha

  15. Hatake Kakashi Says:

    UFC Euphemisms -“FIGHT SMART = Run Away I promise you in this fight, GSP is
    gonna hump Condit until Condit has had enough of GSP’s gay shit. Wanna bet?

  16. cody wolf Says:


  17. MrQuietman69 Says:

    you don’t understand anything about this sport my friend, like MOST of the
    ufc fans, it’s sad…

  18. assdat Says:

    your point is?

  19. citi24 Says:

    da,m gsp lookin scronny, nigga get fuked – either way silva will eat both

  20. eastcoastjordan Says:

    I thought Condit was looking much bigger than gsp, but it’s just his
    height. Look at their back when they turn away from the stare down

  21. NPHizab0ss Says:

    silva said he wants to fight gsp then maybe jones after depending on what
    the ufc wants him to do get ur facts straight son

  22. johnnyboy11121 Says:

    AMEN TO THAT!!! I can’t fucking stand the Diaz brothers.

  23. Mike Mustang Says:

    Humps people for 5 rounds? Wrestling is a part of MMA whether you like it
    or not. Like Joe Rogan said, if a guy like GSP can take you down and ground
    and pound you for 5 rounds. Get off your lazy ass and learn how to defend
    better so he can’t do that. The difference between George and everyone else
    is, he’s great at everything and has literally no holes in his game that
    can really be exploited.

  24. Hatake Kakashi Says:

    not a hater , just stating facts, Im a GSP fan, thats why I was able to say
    that coz he needs to step up and really fight, especially if he’s willing
    to fight Silva. Oh btw, that “haters going to be hatin” is so overused
    nowadays, please be more original. Bye baby

  25. i94Rules Says:

    Of course it didn’t make sense you’re a troll who thinks GSP is famous
    because he looks good lol. Plus GSP didn’t cheat he was found innocent and
    the decision of the fight remained the same GSP by tko if you actually
    bothered to learn what happen instead of trolling you would find out GSP
    didn’t put vaseline on himself and he was whipped off Dana even said
    vaseline didn’t influenced the outcome of the fight plus GSP offered a
    rematch grow up already fail troll.

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