UFC 154 predictions George St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit

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5 Responses to “UFC 154 predictions George St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit”

  1. Chen Su Says:

    DW have confirmed Ronda signed. Women MMA in the UFC is amazing. Dana said that Cyborg is going to fight at 135 or not get signed, so she has to cut the weight to fight Rousey. My guess is first fight for Ronda is Sarah McMann for the title.

  2. xkillaz18x Says:

    George will own Carlos.

  3. horsefaceemily Says:

    There`s some good girl fighters and thay should be given the chance In the UFC,thay train hard and fight hard just like the men .Ronda v Cyborg is trhe fight every one wants to see. BUT it must be fair at 135 NOT 140 co`s if Cyborg is off the sterouds now she`s still got the man muscles and chinny chin cnin.

  4. Frank Doberman Says:

    Carlos “the natural born runner” condit beat GSP? nope

  5. nicklion Says:

    i would love to see Ronda rousey vs Cris cyborg fight in the ufc as the main event

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