UFC 158: Macdonald vs Condit 2 Trailer

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24 Responses to “UFC 158: Macdonald vs Condit 2 Trailer”

  1. CornishRicky Says:

    I’ll be nervously backing Condit on this one. Rory is a scary dude.

  2. khsdaniel Says:

    fuck off your wrong

  3. joey johnson Says:

    rory is a bum its gonna be lights out when against jake

  4. Xavier Roca Says:

    rorys bum

  5. dedb0y Says:

    rory is fuckin huge

  6. vira jet Says:

    I have feeling that Rory get only one lost in his career because he is so strong and get technic to be a champion.

  7. road35 Says:

    Rory said he wanted it on his home territory, it should be in Vancouver.

  8. thesashworth Says:

    Rory is exceptional for his age & think he can only get better over the next few years (he’s currently a top 5 ww). He would have the edge on Condit in a rematch.

  9. beyou71827 Says:

    Good fight

  10. RevelationGJS Says:

    Neck injury I think.

  11. ABN251 Says:

    yeah I saw he wasn’t fighting Condit no more, didn’t know why. What was the injury.

  12. RevelationGJS Says:

    Rory got injured, he’s not fighting. It will be Condit vs Hendricks

  13. masteroflife777 Says:

    Rory is a killa!!

  14. tgckenny9 Says:

    Rory macdonalds gunna give condit a good round forsure

  15. chris anderson Says:

    Condit all the way!

  16. gus swanson Says:

    bomb trailer! they have both evolved into different fighters but i think that condit is gonna beat him down again and stop rorys hype train for good this time. i know that rory is a very talented welterweight but condit is just to much of a fucking savage. Its gonna happen!

  17. ThomasMueller999 Says:

    Rory was gonna lose to rory. Well buddy get that straight first. By the way: The fight wouldve been a draw on the judges scorecards and Rory did nothing but lay and pray to win. He beat Diaz fair and square if you didnt realised that by now you are not even smarter than Nick Diaz which appears to be a very sad thing. He also knocked down GSP and gave him a great fight, even GSP admitted that Condit was his toughest opponent so far. So my friend you just hate.

  18. Frank Doberman Says:

    Condit didnt win a fucking fight, rory was gonna lose to rory, lost to diaz(after running like a bitch) and gsp tooled him

  19. Brutha Muzone Says:

    Great vid bro

  20. Rodrigo Diaz Says:

    You idiots saying that he qould have won i the ref didnt end the fight you are wrong. 10-9 roty, 10-9 rory, 10-8 Condit resulting in a draw. Biased idiots, it was a total dominatoon RD 3 dot discuss it was a 10-8 if it continued

  21. CanadianGamer420 Says:

    kill rory again? he was 7 seconds away from losing the first fight, rory could have continued. Not to mention he was only 20 years old at the time and not even training at tristar. Rory is a completely new fighter and hes bigger than Condit.

  22. road35 Says:

    your crazy
    Rory’s gunna mop the floor of Condit

  23. deadboy1026 Says:

    i think condit has inproved alot i think he gonna give rory fashion combos lik he did to diaz i got condit via UD

  24. powwowcritic13 Says:

    Carlos condit gonna kill rory again

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