UFC Fight Night 27: Carlos Condit Wants Johny Hendricks Rematch

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25 Responses to “UFC Fight Night 27: Carlos Condit Wants Johny Hendricks Rematch”

  1. ZombieKiller1348 Says:

    Lol people are still bitching about the Diaz fight. Get over it he lost you

  2. Edin Pandzic Says:

    Condit is the true champ, not hendrix. hendrix-lawler fight is fixed and
    hend already won…..lawler just got into top 10 and should not be fighting
    for title. everybody knows that condit should be fighting for title……

  3. ThracianKing Spartacus Says:

    Condit won IMO. that decision was pretty crazy. ok Hendricks fought really
    good. he won the first round, but he didn’t dominate it. Carlos did threw
    some good punches and kicks, and was very effective. And after that Carlos
    won second round and dominated the third. the only thing Hendricks did the
    last round was getting the takedowns. and Carlos threw much more strikes
    from the bottom than Hendricks did from the top. i thought Carlos won that
    fight and he should have been fighting for the belt a second time. 

  4. Myriam Laurin Gagne Says:

    carlos should have got the W.

  5. robertloera01 Says:

    Wow I never knew condit was such a nice guy !! He always looked a little
    arrogant but guess that’s not the case guess it just his beastyness I use
    to not like him as much but now I most defently respect him he’s a cool kat

  6. tom simones Says:

    Do people not realize that nick Diaz is retired and has his own rival
    company as of now. Although Gilbert Melendez said nick may come out of
    retirement when the time is right

  7. Truman Eugene Says:

    Condit won the fight. Rogan and Goldberg made such a big deal about
    Hendricks’ takedowns, but didn’t give Condit enough credit for his standup
    AND ground attacks and defense. Why does it seem that ONLY takedowns win
    fights nowadays? You should only get extra points for a takedown IF you do
    something with it. Just laying on someone, flailing your arms around is
    not impressive. Fighting has many different aspects, and STANDUP should
    get it’s just reward. The only way it gets rewarded these days is if it
    gets a knockout. However, submissions are no longer required to legitimize
    takedowns. Also, promotion had a lot to do with the decision. At the
    time, Condit had recently lost to GSP. And, the UFC wasn’t ready to give
    him the win since Hendricks was great shows. Better promotion and more
    money for a GSP vs. Hendricks fight, ergo Hendricks wins this fight.

  8. Sohail Ludin Says:

    I am a huge Diaz fan, but I respect Condit a lot. This dude is pure class
    in and out of the cage.

  9. nfl20 Says:

    johny will beat this pussy’s ass again like nick did

  10. porpoisefathom Says:

    condit won this fight –period. he was robbed..i can see the notes being
    passed from Dana white to the judges now saying “make sure Condit loses, or
    you lose your job”
    Condit got hit with full power shots from Hendricks. And didn’t go down
    like every one thinks…I think Hendricks is overrated in power…he has
    knockout power but anyone can get knocked out including Hendricks by
    gsp..we shall see nov 2013…..

  11. BbqLou19 Says:

    Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit. Who cares about GSP, he is boring.

  12. ZombieKiller1348 Says:

    Condit/Kampmann 2 – Beatdown of the Year 2013.

  13. philipee32 Says:

    Yeah, Is the champion legit too? Or does he need to be tested first

  14. TheHm3 Says:

    Obviously, he defended his belt what? 7 times? When you defend your belt
    for as long as that you get an immediate rematch because there’s no such
    thing as ‘the perfect fighter.’ No one’s always on point. And Hendricks is
    not gonna beat GSP… no way. Condit might beat GSP if and only if he gets
    his wrestling defense on point and his submission skills on point (sorta
    like Pettis against Bendo).

  15. MrFerocious FoxGaming Says:

    It just sounds like you love Condit and hate that fact that he lost. It’s
    his fault for not being able to defend those takedowns. Also, Hendricks
    hurt his hand in the fight and still won. Hendricks is better, just deal it
    with it man.

  16. Dale Redping Says:

    Right, and I’m supporting Hendricksin that fight and have been since he
    first burst onto the scene undefeated. The difference is I’m able to view
    fighters objectively and see that Condit is by far a much more skilled
    fighter. Hendricks is a better wrestler. If you’re only interested in
    wrestling and KO power that’s okay, but fighting is about technique.
    Hendricks will KO GSP (hopefully) then Condit will TKO him in the 4th round
    to take the belt.

  17. Kbarn35 Says:

    How on earth is Condit boring?!?!? You sir are a absolute twat.

  18. FunkMastaMegaFlex Says:

    Condit looked great in his last fight. If they aren’t gonna give him Rory
    Macdonald, then they should give him winner of Shields/Maia! Shields would
    b a rematch like Kampman in a fight which he lost and would be looking 2
    avenge a loss, and Damian Maia would stylistically be a very interesting
    fight I think.

  19. datDANK Says:

    Condit is a great Austrian/German/Mexican fighter

  20. Francois Gaudreau Says:

    I’m french canadian and i like GSP for sure but i have to be honnest and
    say that his style is not very entertaining at all. Not much people can
    appreciate ground work with Jiu-Jitsu. I agree with you strikers are more
    spectacular. GSP less dominant side is striking for sure. He tried with
    Diaz and had to rely on ground and pound to get him. Condit weakness is
    defense vs ground n pound. unless he would have won vs Hendricks. In my
    opinion the most dangerous fighter coming up is Rory Macdonald.

  21. TheLush85 Says:

    Rogan said it best. The judges shouldnt even been ring side. They should be
    in a room with a bunch of monitors so they can see the fight from a bunch
    of different angles cause they miss so much shit sitting that close and
    have only angle to judge from.

  22. AlwonDomz Says:

    Can’t spell “Conditioning” without “Condit”

  23. ripsticklord Says:

    dudes incredibly fit

  24. Cal Kane Says:

    Fuck that 🙂

  25. PLayAshEFF72 Says:

    Yeah I respect your point fully, GSP used to have the striking magic but
    has become cautious, Rory will be a great but he’s also suffering from the
    boring syndrome like against Ellenberger. I do love all aspects of MMA, but
    the true excitement lies with the striker’s for sure because they actually
    hurt opponent’s, not grind em down through grappling against the cage. I
    agree alot with Diaz, but it’s a shame he couldn’t back it up and gave a no
    show against GSP. Condit actually competed.

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