UWC Interviews with Carlos Condit and Uriah Faber

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7 Responses to “UWC Interviews with Carlos Condit and Uriah Faber”

  1. AsH1sGv626 Says:

    groupiesssss lol

  2. dusanmandic25 Says:

    haha urija’s like “im banging this girl tonight!” lmao

  3. SanabriaMan Says:

    haha noobs! urijah is a featherweight not a lightweight

  4. BillGanz62 Says:

    This was such a great event!! Great job Mr. Foran. The growth of MMA is based on the abundance and awareness of the dedicated fans and up and coming loyalists. Bill Ganz

  5. Maes Boxing Says:


  6. Fedor Emelianenko Says:

    <3 Fedor

  7. Mauricio Shogun Rua Says:


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