WEC Carlos Condit rolling with US troops

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28 Responses to “WEC Carlos Condit rolling with US troops”

  1. jackass77780 Says:

    lol what a dumbass, is this the kind of mentality they teach in the military? get killed in training before the battle

  2. RabidBaggin Says:

    @markfriaz I hope thats not the future of the division, all he did was take him down and then nothing, carlos dominated the fight off his back and rory really didnt do anything but land a couple strikes standing and some takedowns, pointwise it wasnt a blowout but condit controlled it.

  3. markfriaz Says:

    @RabidBaggin buddy Condit is an outstanding fighter, but don’t make it sound like it was soo one sided. Condit was beat in the first two rounds and just outclassed for the most part. Rory Macdonald is the future of that division.

  4. RabidBaggin Says:

    Condit is my MMA inspiration.. I’m built like him, long and lankey and ive got a decent ground game on my back. Watching his fights and videos like this makes me want to train more and more to maybe one day be close to ask good as Carlos Condit.. oh btw… 20 YEAR OLD UNDEFEATED CANADIAN GOT PWNEEDD!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah buddy!

  5. Knucklegame77 Says:

    Come on all u peeps that are upset w Los! Los had the monkey on his back not the soldier. All those troops, another country, and he really didnt lay into him from what I saw. Guy got what comes when people spar……

  6. Reformer82 Says:

    I’ll beat that faggots ass silly

  7. domandcaro Says:

    he knocked out a soldier… lol

  8. Reformer82 Says:

    hotobanger …i heard that all the troops lined up in train fashion and then proceeded to pork condit in the shitter…real buisness

  9. 33West Says:

    How’s the army say it? Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it!

  10. SkipNYK Says:

    thats gay man

  11. uriel528 Says:

    lol damn man keep ur hands up..lol homeboy got schooled.

  12. RiseWithFallen3 Says:

    my man condit!!!

    haha this nigga is the shit!

  13. cheesetoochalk Says:

    On the bright side he got hurt by easily 1 of the top 5 welterweights on the planet.

  14. frankjenkins2002 Says:

    That guy tagged him pretty good. He was going full out.

  15. heffychokotto Says:

    carlos is hella tight!

  16. donkeykongstomp Says:

    Yo i got to be honest this shit pisses me off i was so hypped to see these guys but they never stooped and visted,us i dont blame them i blame the army but if they ever do visit again come to a COP not just those fag ass FOBS half those guys never even crossed the wire they just stay safe all the time

  17. MMAmASTER007 Says:

    lol carlos condit was like hit me as hard as u want to be hit haha and he knocked him out

  18. aquafly55 Says:

    haha im naked!!! 7

  19. SkipNYK Says:

    yea what mr srgt said condit is a nice guy you fucks are just wannabe hard asses

  20. 33West Says:

    Scotty Boy!

  21. clebervic Says:

    kool bunch of guys.

  22. nhenry87 Says:

    “Hit me as hard as you want to be hit” lol.

  23. 10acondit20 Says:

    thats my uncle

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  25. PeytonManning00 Says:

    Carlos is a cool dude.

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