What will Carlos Condit Need to Take Down GSP?

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25 Responses to “What will Carlos Condit Need to Take Down GSP?”

  1. Lifter85 Says:

    JAY THE GLAZED DONUT GLAZER… is a pathetic sportscaster and is only in it for the money, not for the sport, he’s fat and creates dumb and Terrible work out equipment

  2. vivelajonny Says:

    rewatch the fight honestly i think diaz won after i listend 2 what joe rogan had to say about the fight i rewatched it and honestly diaz won the first 2 and got the most dominate position in the fight in the 5th by gettin condits back and we was landing a good ammout of combos plus he did have cage control the whole fight which should of ment something

  3. VanMedia Says:

    “needs to show that he can take the fight where he wants to take the fight”….NO FUCKING SHIT…

  4. GodWontSaveU Says:

    ohh.. look at you being an internet nickdiaz dickrider cute. just looking at 2 pages of comments your all over them lol

  5. RonPaul1stheAnswer Says:

    God didnt save u from being stupid

  6. RonPaul1stheAnswer Says:

    Diaz is gonna fight Condit again and this time Greg jackson safety first strategies for Condit wont work.

  7. RonPaul1stheAnswer Says:

    Then why is it that Joe Rogan agrees that diaz won that fight and i think u misunderstood me.I called those who never fought before and hide behind the computer screen talking shit about nick diaz bitches.I didnt call those who supported Condit or those who think he won bitches maybe the only wise thing u did in ur life is to support RP ?

  8. rpaul247 Says:

    okay keyboard warrior… you obviously know nothing about MMA

  9. rpaul247 Says:

    yep Condit was the smarter fighter.. Many of Diaz former opponents gave into his taunts/name calling, got angry, lost focus and ultimately lost.

  10. rpaul247 Says:

    Damn! more crybabies commenting on this vid too? lol you guys are everywhere!!!! lol

  11. Azatis Says:

    I agree in a way.

    But chickening to exchange when you promoting yourself as one of the best brawlers in mma that brings it everytime…was BAD…reallly.

    I cant even call it a plan.. Was simply hit low and RUN… Thats clever to make you a winner but far from a true fighting champion like silva , aldo, jones,dos santos, alistar and all the elite mma champs around. FAR from that. My opinion

  12. timmybus21 Says:

    i hope so, gsp needs to put on an exciting performance

  13. goofybastard89 Says:

    diaz or condit would get smashed by gsp they are nowhere close to his talent.

  14. MrRaysilk Says:

    nick diaz got robbed

  15. GodWontSaveU Says:

    your eyes are crooked

  16. jc208132 Says:

    What will Rashad Evans need to take down Jon Jones?

  17. eb2600 Says:

    Diaz vs GSP would be a better fight because they FIGHT. They don’t slap for points like Condit has shown

  18. gldnboystar Says:

    condit is gonna get worked by george

  19. 310BRIANO Says:

    “fights like a champion”!!! The fuck!!!? He use to fight like a champ, he looked like a bitch!

  20. man61x Says:

    GSP better than Condit Better than Nick Diaz

  21. cuishi14 Says:

    Condit will need to finish gsp to get a win. The judges dont vote against the champion

  22. adriano71011 Says:

    nah !! not that great ,,,, i like gsp vs diaz better ^_^

  23. RamboDDSDicing Says:


  24. MMAView Says:

    I agree but dont put people down. Sure most are not tough guys but opinions are what make conversation. Even though some of them are retarded lol.

  25. MMAView Says:

    hahaha RUN, CONDIT, RUN! I think I will use this!

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